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Veterinary Clinics

The Gate 1 offers addresses and telephone numbers for Veterinary Clinics in all cities of Egypt, Cairo, Alexandria, Zagazig, Canal cities, Upper Egypt, where you can reach them through the availability of telephone numbers and addresses of the best Veterinary Clinics in Egypt
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Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Agriculture Square - Recruitment Street - Beside the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Judicial Tower 1, Zagazig

All services, medicines and veterinary supplies
Veterinary medicines - vaccines and serums - feed additives - farm supplies

Petica Clinic

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Zuhur District - 9 Street (Awlad Jabr Street ) - after Al Nasiriyah School - next to Al Reef Al Masry Restaurant, Zagazig

Dr. Aya Ali Saber
Bachelor of Animal Medicine and Surgery
Microbiology and Immunology Diploma - Master in Viral Diseases
Check up your pet with sonar

Zohor Clinic

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Moallem Division - Al Sayed Zaher Street - behind Ahmed Orabi Club, Zagazig

Veterinary clinic - Pet supplies store - Pet hosting

Diamond Clinic

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Qawmia - Tolba Awaida St. - Imam Gharib Street - Corner of Diesel for men's clothing - Dr. Ayman Sarhan's villa, Zagazig

Pet medicine and surgery

Meow Clinic

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Qawmia - Al Qawmia Street - after Al Qawmia Square - corner of the Oriental Restaurant - next to Al Sharqiya Laboratory, Zagazig

Dr. Mohamed Kamal
Animal medicine and surgery consultant
PhD in Veterinary Medical Sciences
24-hour emergency - diagnosis and treatment of diseases of pets, ornamental birds and turtles
Surgeries and orthopedics - ultrasound, pregnancy follow-up, natural delivery and cesarean section
Treatment of urinary retention cases - dental treatment - medical tests - setting a date for marriage and performing a swab
Hosting services - Grooming services (medical showers and haircuts) - Pet supplies

Royal Veterinary Hospital

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - National - Extension of Tolba Ewaida Street - After Salah Salem Hospital - Corner of Taj Bassam, Zagazig

The largest equipped veterinary hospital in Sharkia to serve your fibers, and this is because it is the only place you will find it
X-ray machine - sonar - all surgeries - all laboratory tests
We have all vaccinations for your pet (viral vaccinations - rabies - worms - insects)
Accommodation (normal and therapeutic), except that our accommodation is equipped with surveillance cameras, so you can see your pet throughout the hosting period, so that you can be reassured about it
In addition to Mickey Store, which is the largest store in the Eastern Province, you will find all supplies, accessories, and all kinds of dry food and soft food that you may need, with delivery service available