Sepetinizde Ürün Yok

Adam and Hawa Fertility Center

The first integrated center in the Eastern Province and the Delta in the field of IVF and ICSI.

- ICSI and IVF, artificial insemination, endometriosis treatment, treatment courses for couples who suffer from severe weak sperm.

- Determining the sex of the fetus and genetic diagnosis of the embryos, surgical testicle sample and freezing, freezing and preserving sperm, embryos and eggs, pre-marital consultations and evaluation.

- An integrated laboratory for analysis, an equipped operating room, ultrasound, ultrasound examination, fetal color Doppler, and fetal reduction in the case of multiple fetuses.

Mobil Numarası 01026057600
Telefon Numarası 0552332032
İş günleri Cumartesi , Pazar , Pazartesi , Salı , Çarşamba , Perşembe , Cuma

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