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Dermatology and Beauty Clinic

At The Gate 1, we offer you your comprehensive guide to all dermatology and cosmetic clinics
We make it easy for you to search for the best and largest dermatologists and cosmetic doctors and enable you to reach them. By providing their addresses and contact numbers.
Distinctive services in treating allergic skin diseases, acne and eczema, laser treatment, obesity treatment and skin care
Laser hair removal, carbon laser, plasma, mesotherapy, skin tightening threads, HIFU, slimming, freshness, chemical peeling, crystal peeling, carboxy, hair transplantation
You will find all the information you need to easily reach them on the gate 1.
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20 Places

Dr. Assem Farag

46 A Ramsis St. Off El Ahram Street - Roxy - Heliopolis, Misr Al Jadida

Professor of Dermatology, Venereology and Andrology - Faculty of Medicine Benha University
President of the International Congress of Dermatology Sharm-Derm

Arab Doctors Clinics

Jeddah - Al Khalidiyah District - Prince Saud Al Faisal Street - Al Badriya Towers - Fourth Floor, Jeddah

Dermatology & Laser - Skin Care - Beauty - Obesity Treatment

Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdullah

جدة,حي الخالدية,شارع الامير سعود الفيصل,ابراج البدرية,الدور الثالث,عيادات دكتور ماذن فتياني, Jeddah

Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic

Bonita Health Beauty Clinics

Jeddah, Al-Nahdhah District, King Abdul Aziz Branch Road, Elite Beach Center, first floor, Jeddah

Leather - Beautifying - Laser

Adam clinics, Jeddah

Jeddah, Al-Rawda District, Tahlia Street, Bin Hamran Tower, first floor, Jeddah

Dermatology & Cosmetic

Dr. Mazin Fitiany Clinics

Jeddah, Khalidiya district, Prince Saud Al-Faisal Street, west of Prince Sultan intersection, Badriyah Towers, third floor, Jeddah

Various plastic surgery - cosmetic skin treatments
Laser melting and skin tightening - fractional laser
Laser hair removal - botox - Spa

ReNew Beauty Clinics

Jeddah, Al-Nahdhah neighborhood, King Abdulaziz Road, north of Hiraa intersection, Elite Beach Center, second floor, Jeddah

Dermatology and cosmetic

Dr. Wedad Zuhair

320 Port Said Street - Bab Al Khalq - Al Darb Al Ahmar - Cairo, Al Sayeda Zeinab

Dermatology and Cosmetology

Dr. Maha Dahlan Clinics

Jeddah, Al Rawda District, Tahlia Street, Bin Hamran Center, Third Floor, 308B, Jeddah

Dermatology & Beauty - Laser
Beauty starts here ... The first women's clinic in the Kingdom

Dr. Osama El Waseya Clinics

Jeddah, Al-Naeem District, Hira Street, Al-Jal Plaza, second floor, Jeddah

Dermatology & Beauty - Laser

Dr. Farid Jamjoom Clinics

Jeddah,Al Naim District,Al Amal Street,Beside Dar Al Zekr Boys Schools, Jeddah

Dermatology & Beauty - Laser

The Beauty Clinic

Jeddah, Al-Zahra District, Ahmad Al-Khatib Street, Etoile Center, 1st Floor, near Sari Intersection with King Abdul Aziz Road, Jeddah

We Offer Premium Services in Dermatology and Laser treatments
Show your Beauty

JC Clinics

Jeddah, Al Shati District, King Abdul Aziz Road, King Road Tower (Al Shasha Tower), Floor 29, Jeddah

Dermatology and cosmetology - dentistry
The most luxurious and largest beauty clinics in the region

Oasis Clinics

Jeddah, Al Naeem District, Prince Sultan Road, next to Haram Mall, Jeddah

Dermatology and beauty - laser - Dental medicine

Derma Clinics

Jeddah, Al Rawdah District, Tahlia Street, Bin Homran Center, 3rd Floor, Jeddah

Dermatology & Cosmetic - Hair Transplant - Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sulaiman Ghalayini Center

Jeddah, Zahra district, Prince Sultan Rd., Next to Al Qabdah roundabout, Jeddah

Dermatology & Cosmetic - Dentistry - Andrology

Dr. Abeer Abdel Halim

Jeddah, Al-Khalidiya District, Abdullah Aba Al-Khail Street, Sharm Clinics, Jeddah

Dermatologist and cosmetologist - Cairo University
Assistant Lecturer of Dermatology, Fayoum University
Member of the American Society of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Nahla Fayed

Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Al-Zahir neighborhood, Tala'a Al-Malqaya Street, Al-Saed Medical Complex, 4th floor, Makka Al Mukarama

Dermatology and Cosmetic Consultant
Member of the Faculty of Medicine Faculty
American Board and the American Fellowship in Cosmetic and Laser
Hair Removal laser - Laser treatment - UV treatment - Plasma - Mesotherapy - Crystal Smoothing Peeling - Carboxy - Derma bin

Dr. Hisham Saad

Zagazig - El Montazah Department - El Galaa Street - in front of the City Council - Mekawi Tower - Fifth Floor, Zagazig

Derma Line
The first dermatology, cosmetic and laser center in Zagazig, with 18 years of experience
Laser hair removal (American Candela Gentle Lase device) - HIFU to tighten and lift the skin - Hydrafacial for freshness and skin cleaning - Hair loss treatment - Laser skin peeling and fruit acids - Mesotherapy - Botox - Cold ironing to remove fish eye and skin tags - Treatment of dermatological and venereal diseases

Dr. waleed Al Balat

Zagazig - El Qawmia - Tolba Oweidah Street - above El Tawheed Supermarket, Zagazig

Professor and dermatology consultant
Reproductive medicine, laser, skin beautification and hair transplantation
Member of the European and International Society of Dermatology
Member of the International Vitiligo Society