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Radiology Center

At The Gate One, we offer you your comprehensive guide to all radiology centers
We make it easy for you to search for the best and largest radiology centers
We offer you the best devices and the latest technologies for radiology, ultrasound, 4D, 3D, osteoporosis measurement examination, mammography examination,
EEG, EKG, CT scan, atomic scan, MRI
We enable you to reach them; By providing their addresses and contact numbers.
You will find all the information you need to reach the nearest radiology center easily on the gate one.
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5 Places

Dr. Sherif Adel Jamil Radiology Center

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Qawmia - Tolba Ewaida Street - at the intersection of Al Ghasham Street - in front of Salah Salem Hospital - First Floor, Zagazig

Life Scan
Integrated radiology center
The first integrated center for women's four-dimensional examinations in Sharkia
3D/4D sonar of the fetus - 3D vaginal sonar 3D TVS of the uterus and ovaries - Sonar of the locomotor and nervous system - Sonar and color Doppler on all parts of the body - Mammography and breast sonar
X-rays of the uterus (HSG) and the digestive and urinary systems - Men's health checks (Doppler on the testicles, penis and prostate) - Ordinary digital x-rays - Withdrawal of samples and fluids

El Nour Radiology Center

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - El Geish Street - Between Tahrir Square and Ahmed Orabi Square (The Train Station) - Above Tanis Tourism - First Floor, Zagazig

Prof. Dr. Khaled Shawky
Since 1995 we take care of you
Open magnetic resonance - multi-slice tomography - digital x-ray - color Doppler sound waves - color Doppler on the heart - breast mammography - computerized brain, nerve and muscle drawing - dental panorama - sampling of the body

LHA Scan Clinic

Zagazig - Al-Qawmiya Square - Al-Muna Tower - Above Vodafone - Third Floor, Zagazig

The first radiology center dedicated to women only
Our primary goal is women’s comfort and health. We provide the latest medical devices to obtain the most accurate results and examinations.

We offer at the center:
- Television X-rays of the abdomen, pelvis and neck.
- Color Doppler x-ray of veins and arteries.
- Superficial probe on all parts of the body.
- Mammogram, breast X-ray, and elastography.
- 4D x-rays with examination of fetal abnormalities and 3D-4D pregnancy Doppler
- TVS 4D vaginal x-ray of the uterus.
- Taking samples from all parts of the body and installing tubes.

Dr. Khaled Abdulaziz Radiology Center

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Qawmeya - 52 Al Qawmeya Street - Nefertiti Tower, Zagazig

The center includes a specialized and trained medical team and the latest medical devices to provide the best results
The center has all diagnostic and interventional radiology tests - a closed magnetic resonance unit with a power of 1.5 Tesla - a 160 slice CT scanner - a digital X ray machine - a 3D bone densitometry device - a digital mammography device - an echo machine on the heart, EKG and stress EKG - Doppler and sonar device - Renal catheter installation on all interventional radiographs - Sampling from all parts of the body - Neurography device - EEG device
Dental Examinations: Dental Sectional device - Digital dental prepcall device - Dental Panorama device

Al Shroouk Scan & Lap

Giza Governorate - Giza - Omrania District - King Faisal Street - First Faisal Bridge - Plaza Medical Tower - above Ragab Sons Supermarket - First Floor, Omrania

Al-Shorouk Radiology and Labs Medical Services Center opened in 2009
And it has expanded with 9 branches so far to provide many services to the public