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Surgery Clinic

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12 Places

Dr. Ayman Hussein Abdel Sattar

Al Nasr Tower - the beginning of King Faisal Street - with the intersection of Al Masaken Street - above the Al Abyad Car Showroom - Faisal - Giza, Bulaq

Professor of General and Pediatric Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University
Consultant Pediatric, Newborn and Pediatric Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jamal Al Taji

Cairo Governorate - Cairo - Old Cairo - in front of the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University - 1 Manial Museum Street - Elhamy Hussein Building, Misr Al Qadima

Head of Pediatric Surgery Department at Abu Al Rish Hospital
President of the Egyptian Board of Pediatric Surgery
President of the Society of Pediatric Surgeons

Dr. Mamdouh Abul Hassan

Care Clinic - Mostafa Kamel Axis - First Settlement - Cairo, Nasr City

Professor of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Ainy

Dr. Mohamed Khalifa

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Mansoura parking intersections - in front of the Civil Registry Office - above Al Ashry for air conditioning, Zagazig

Consultant and Professor of Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University
Member of the Egyptian Society for Pediatric Surgery
Cleft lip - cleft palate - urethral defects - inguinal hernia - undescended testicle - tumor removal - laparoscopic surgeries
Rectal prolapse - birth defects of the anus - neck fistula - cases of abdominal and neck tumors - esophageal reflux - hiatal hernia - intestinal obstruction in newborns

Hemocure clinic

Giza Governorate - Giza - Mohandessin - 7 Shehab Street, off Arab League Street, Mohandiseen

The number one center in Egypt and the Middle East for the treatment of hemorrhoids, anal and rectal diseases, and defecation control, with the latest devices (certified by the World Health Organization)

Dr. Mohammad Reda Center

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al-Galaa Street - in front of Omar Effendi - Pearl Palace Tower, Zagazig

Hand surgeries, microscopic and plastic surgeries
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Reda's team is the largest plastic surgery team in Egypt, the team strives to achieve your dreams of looking good and elegant through all types of plastic surgeries
Peeling the skin of all kinds - Freshness sessions - Dermapen - Plasma sessions - Removing dark circles - Lightening dark places on the body - Hair care sessions - Hifu skin tightening - Deep skin cleaning - Plasma for nose and eyelids - Fractional laser

Dr Abd Alfattah kalmoush

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - the first street of Mansoura parking lot - after the transit bridge - next to Al Sawaf restaurant, Zagazig

Professor and Consultant of Obesity, Endoscopy and Gastrointestinal Surgeries at Al Azhar Medicine
Sleeve gastrectomy - Gastric bypass - Gastric balloon - Sassi

Sobhanak Plastic Surgery Center

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Qawmiya - Qawmiya Street - in front of Qawmiya School - Al Duha Tower - the top of the device mall, Zagazig

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al-Wahsh
Professor of Plastic and Microscopic Surgery

Dr Ahmed Abohashem Alzeiny

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Orabi Square - in front of the train station - Nojoud Tower for Doctors - Fifth Floor, Zagazig

Professor and consultant of plastic and reconstructive surgery
Member of the Egyptian Society of Plastic Surgery
Member of the European Society of Plastic Surgery
Member of the International Society of Plastic Surgery

Dr Ahmed ElSherifa

Dakahlia Governorate - Mansoura - old road - 14 Doctors Street - off Mohi El Din Street - next to Tabashir Library, Al Mansoura

Plastic Surgery Consultant
Lecturer of plastic surgery, Mansoura University, Faculty of Medicine
Master's degree in neck plastic surgery after burns
Consultant of rhinoplasty and nasal septum surgery

Dr. Mohamad Al Ekrashy

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Zuhur District - Saad Zaghloul Street - in front of the University Hospital Bridge, Zagazig

Professor and Consultant of Pediatric Surgery, Zagazig University
Repair of the cleft lip - repair of the cleft palate - excision of the neck fistula - surgery for diseases of the esophagus and the digestive system - operations for diseases of the bile ducts - inguinal and umbilical hernia operations - surgically and laparoscopically undescended testicles - repair of the urethra - repair of the anus for newborns

Dr.Gawdat Magd

Tanta - Stadium Street, Tanta

Aesthetics with a new perspective