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LHA Scan Clinic

The first radiology center dedicated to women only
Our primary goal is women’s comfort and health. We provide the latest medical devices to obtain the most accurate results and examinations.

We offer at the center:
- Television X-rays of the abdomen, pelvis and neck.
- Color Doppler x-ray of veins and arteries.
- Superficial probe on all parts of the body.
- Mammogram, breast X-ray, and elastography.
- 4D x-rays with examination of fetal abnormalities and 3D-4D pregnancy Doppler
- TVS 4D vaginal x-ray of the uterus.
- Taking samples from all parts of the body and installing tubes.

Mobil Numarası 01028260826
İş günleri Cumartesi , Pazar , Pazartesi , Salı , Çarşamba , Perşembe

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