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At The Gate One, we provide you with the best guide to all pharmacies in Egypt
We enable you to reach the pharmacy closest to you; We provide everything you need from pharmacies with 24-hour service.
Night service pharmacies, medicines, medicinal preparations and herbs, cosmetics, vitamins, analgesics, medicinal solutions, medicinal soap, alcohol, sterilizer.
You will find all the information you need to reach the nearest pharmacy easily on the gate one.

9 Places

Osama Othman Pharmacy

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Qawmia - Al Khashab Street - behind Al Tawhid Supermarket, Zagazig

We always strive for your satisfaction

Bassam Pharmacy

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Qawmia - Ahmed Ismail Street - next to Al Haramain Hospital, Zagazig

We will provide your needs and all your medicines even if they are not available in the market
We will deliver to you as soon as possible

Emara Pharmacy

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Qawmeya - Al Qawmeya Square - Al Muna Tower - next to Vodafone, Zagazig

Medicines - Cosmetics - Baby Supplies
Excellent service 24 hours

El Saad Pharmacy

Sharkia Governorate - Zagazig - Al Qawmia - Al Qawmia Square, Zagazig

The best drug pharmacy in Zagazig

Osama pharmacy

, Zagazig

We present to you Osama Pharmacy, one of the largest and leading pharmacies in Zagazig, providing you with 24-hour service.
We also provide - pharmaceutical consultations. -  Home nursing services.
- Delivery service at a reduced fee within Zagazig, and also available throughout Sharkia Governorate.

Teba Pharmacy

, Zagazig

We offer you Taiba Pharmacy, one of the largest and leading pharmacies in the Eastern Province, providing you with 24-hour service
Also, delivery service at reduced fees within Zagazig and Faqous, pharmaceutical consultations
• Makeup and skin care tools
• Nutrition tips

Wahdan pharmacy

, Egypt

Wahdan Pharmacy is distinguished by providing distinguished and diverse pharmaceutical services.
The pharmacy includes a wide range of medicines and health products, while providing a 24-hour delivery service to ensure customer comfort.
Wahdan Pharmacy provides the necessary pharmaceutical consultations for patients, making it the preferred destination for health care.

Nahdi Medical Company

Jeddah, Al-Murjan District, King Abdul Aziz Road, South of Ocean Sciences Roundabout, Jeddah

We educate .... we treat
We cover more than 125 cities and villages all over the Kingdom

Fouda Pharmacy

Mohandessin Branch: 61/59 University of Arab States Street, Giza, Mohandiseen

The first interactive electronic pharmacy in Egypt