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About Us

The Gate 1
Your gateway to the world
The Gate 1 is an online store and an integrated electronic platform serving more than 246 million people and covering more than 1,000 cities in 8 countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE and Turkey that brings together all types of commercial, health, service and industrial activities and facilities in one location to cover all the daily needs of all life activities to facilitate access to any facility by providing all the necessary information about it from contact numbers with the provision of contact time, working times and address With a map of the site in addition to the website and social media pages, if any, with the possibility of having photos and videos of the facility and its products, the possibility of purchasing products online, With multiple payment options when purchasing from The Gate 1 store, such as payment on delivery or electronic payment with complete privacy and security, as the payment data for customers and their cards cannot be viewed with many shipping options, as well as customer evaluations for each facility, with the possibility of each facility to announce on its page in The Gate 1 the special offers for The Gate 1 members and its job opportunities
Display Products
The Gate 1 allows all companies to display their products on their page on the website and on The Gate 1 online store, and individuals can take advantage of this feature by opening an account and displaying their products to obtain suitable deals
The Gate 1 offers a membership registration service for visitors to the site to enjoy exclusive discounts and offers with our partners, or if they purchase from The Gate 1 online store
Job Seeking
The Gate 1 helps job seekers find job opportunities suitable for their skills by publishing their CV in a Jobs section
The Gate 1 helps the owners of the establishments to have a clear view of the market by assisting them in making the appropriate statistics and publishing them on the site in a special section of the statistics
Reach Your Goal with Ease
The Gate 1 helps you to reach your goal with ease and ease by narrowing the search by choosing the country first, the governorate, the city and the neighborhood as well and choosing the activity you are looking for and its sub-sections or searching directly by the name of the facility
Add Your Company
The Gate 1 allows you to add and register your company or facility yourself by filling in the required data on the Add your company page or by contacting us directly or through a member of our marketing team
Opens Up New Horizons
The Gate 1 opens up new horizons for you in the business world; By registering in The Gate 1, you will be visible to many local and foreign companies and factories that target the market in your country and are looking for a local partner or agent; And vice versa, by registering your factory or company in The Gate 1, you will be visible to many other companies, exhibitions and sales outlets that may want your products or are looking for everything new
The Gate 1 offers different packages of paid advertisements at affordable prices for everyone
The Gate 1 is now in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, all the Arab Gulf countries, Turkey and soon all countries of the world
The Gate 1 opens up new horizons for you and endless services
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                                                                                         The Gate 1 is your gateway to the world
                                                                                                                                                    The Gate 1 is a lifelong investment